Don’t Redirect, VDI Printing Can Be Seamless, Reliable, and Easy!

Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop to VMware Workspace, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and other contenders in the space all centrally deliver desktops, apps, and data to users to provide access from any device and any location while maintaining an environment’s administration and security in an easy and centralized manner.

Printing is an overlooked exception. Most users “redirect” a printer from the user’s device into their virtual environment or go to great lengths and expense to build connections between the clouds where the virtual environments are run and where the printers are located.

In 15 minutes we’ll show a better, more cost effective, reliable, and easier to manage and maintain way of providing seamless printing to users of virtual environments.

What to Expect

  • Reliable and concise technical information
  • Easy to implement actionable tips and tricks
  • How agents dynamically connect local printers for PC, Mac, and IGEL
  • How to optimize printing in virtual desktops
  • Why it’s advantageous to replace diverse printer queues and complex printer mapping

Webinar Infos

Date: On-Demand

Speaker: Henning Volkmer, Technical Customer Advocate