Exciting News: Introducing Enhanced Printing Plans with ezeep Blue! 

New Enhanced API Printing with ezeep Blue, perfect for automating printing in custom apps

We’re thrilled to announce some pretty cool changes to ezeep Blue’s pricing structure and how print jobs are billed when they are triggered by either the ezeep Blue API or third-party automation platforms, such Zapier, Make or Pabbly Connect. 

Apps are now essential instruments in nearly every business, whether custom-built or provided by no-code platforms, so we have revamped and diversified our subscription plans to better suit every company’s printing needs. 

Not only do our plans provide more attractive API offers for larger companies, the no-code platforms Zapier, Make, and Pabbly Connect are now included in the ezeep Blue Free plan! That means anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge, can use ezeep to make print workflows between apps. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s on offer: 

  1. Free Plan: Small scale operations and private users enjoy up to 50 pages every month for print jobs via the ezeep Blue API or no-code platforms at no cost at all
  1. Pro Plan: The Pro plan now allows users to print up to 10,000 pages per month via the ezeep Blue API or automation platforms. 
  1. Business Plan: Ideal for growing businesses, Business Plan users can print up to 20,000 pages monthly via the ezeep Blue API or no-code platforms. You also have the flexibility to book additional page contingents at fantastic rates: 
  • Add 10,000 pages per month for just $/€20/month. 
  • Upgrade to 50,000 pages per month for $/€80/month. 
  • Need even more? Go for 100,000 pages per month at $/€140/month or 200,000 pages per month for $/€240/month. 
  • For large-scale operations, book a package of 500,000 pages per month for $/€500/month. 
  1. Enterprise Plan: Tailored for expansive operations, the Enterprise plan offers a customizable package designed to align with your unique API requirements. 

To ensure complete transparency and flexibility, any overages on the Pro or Business plan are simply billed at a minimal 0.01 $/€ ct per page. And of course: the amount of pages you can print normally (i.e. without the API or via no-code platforms) remains unlimited and is not subject to quotas or overages. 

Why This Matters for You 

  • Versatility: Whichever types of apps you use in your organisation, whether on-premise desktop applications, custom web applications or a suite of SaaS apps, ezeep Blue is your go-to provider for print support. Our integrations with Zapier, Make and our own API offer all that you need to integrate printing into any workflow and automate it if needs be.
  • Value: With the option to add more pages as you grow, you can be sure you’re always getting the most out of your investment. ezeep Blue’s reporting feature also ensures that you can keep up-to-date on how much you are printing. 
  • Transparency: No hidden costs. If you print more via the API or via no-code platforms, you simply pay a small amount for each extra page or can upgrade your plan at any time. 

How to Get Started  

ezeep Blue makes it easy to add printing to your printing processes and each plan offers to capability for automatic printing as standard. Here’s how to get started 

  1. Create your free ezeep Blue account 
  1. Create an account with your no-code Automation provider, e.g. Zapier, Make or Pabbly Connect or request a free ezeep Blue API client ID to code your own print workflows with the ezeep Blue API. 
  1. Choose your ezeep Blue Plan after testing. More information about the full feature set in each plan can be found at plans and pricing

We believe that these new structures not only offer greater flexibility but also represent our commitment to providing value to all our ezeep Blue customers.  

The ezeep Blue Team.