ezeep Cloud vs Print Servers for Print Management​ – Lower Costs, Increased Flexibility

Printing, an essential technical component in many organizations is known for being tedious, costly and time-consuming to manage. Yet, this reality alone hasn’t been enough to drive change and printing has remained resistant to modernisation.

In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is changing. Significant cost savings and efficiency gains have been achieved in diverse areas by outsourcing them to public and private clouds. Organizations are able to reduce their bondage to on-premises architecture and costly maintenance cycles, while further flexibility is gained due to the cloud’s pay-what-you-use flexibility. In this web session, Bob from ezeep explains how the advantages of the cloud can be applied to printing too. 

Webinar Details

Learn how you can shift your centralized on-premises print servers to the cloud and set up cloud-based printing for all your users in around 30 minutes with ezeep Blue. Based on Microsoft Azure, you can scale as you need, take advantage of plug n’ play onboarding with the ezeep Hub appliance and use a single management platform to manage users, drivers and printers from anywhere. Zero-trust, home office, or remote desktop printing – ezeep handles it all with ease.