ezeep Delivers the Industry’s Only Entirely Cloud-Based Print Solution to Improve Productivity, Security and Cost Savings

The long-time print industry leader is changing the print market for the enterprise, SMBs and the channel as the only provider to deliver a fully cloud-based strategy and offerings for the new modern workplace

BERLIN/DENVER, August 25, 2020 – ThinPrint, provider of the world’s leading print management solutions, is changing the cloud printing market with its ezeep cloud print solutions and services. With cloud printing being an attractive and popular option for enterprises and SMBs in the new modern workplace, ezeep is the only completely cloud-based print solution that can enable improved productivity, security, and cost savings.

2020 has been an eye-opener for businesses of all sizes, highlighting the shortcomings in implementing the right technologies and solutions required to keep the modern workplace efficient, agile, and productive. Smart businesses are turning to the cloud to optimize productivity. One of the most obvious areas to tap into the cloud and enhance productivity is to reassess end-user computing applications – most notably cloud printing.

“At times taken for granted, printing plays a vital role in today’s workplace, with cloud printing and print management being an important consideration to a company’s success,” said Henning Volkmer, President and CEO, ThinPrint, Inc. “However, not all cloud offers are equal. While others might claim to offer a cloud printing solution, ThinPrint’s ezeep is the industry’s only 100 percent cloud-based print management solution. Other cloud print offerings might have components of printing in the cloud; however, they still require on-site print servers or local drivers that are time consuming to test, deploy and maintain.”

Leveraging its unique technology and approach, ezeep ensures all driver management and all print processing takes place in the cloud, enabling any device to print to any printer without needing on-site print servers, complicated network infrastructures, or complex printer environments. With ezeep, organizations simply bring their printers and applications, while no longer having to worry about drivers, operating systems, and end-user devices.

By delivering a complete cloud-based solution, ThinPrint’s ezeep is the only provider that can deliver all of the following features and benefits:

•     Streamlined User Experience and Productivity: Printing is perceived as “easy” until it’s not working. ezeep ensures fast printing and automatic mapping of printers so that users and administrators always know the best and correct printer available.

•     Significant Cost Savings: By completely removing the need for print servers and local drivers, combined with the time savings generated by not needing an investment in IT administrators – the cost savings and ROI that ThinPrint’s ezeep can deliver is significant. 

•     Enhanced Print and Network Security: Value-add features, such as the planned secure and release printing, are imperative to ensure users’ content does not end up in the wrong hands. And, unlike other options, ezeep does not require inbound connections to the printer. As a result, it keeps valuable network data safe from proactive attacks.

•     Seamless Cloud Mobile Printing: Being virtually device agnostic with no limitations, ezeep easily enables printing from any iOS, iPadOS, and Android device, while also supporting Windows 10, and in the future MacOS, and Chromebooks.

•     Support for All Printers: Most cloud printing solutions require an on-site computer or a server to receive the jobs and relay them to the printer. ezeep replaces these complicated and expensive retrofit solutions, and associated costs and maintenance efforts, with a micro-appliance – the ezeep Hub.

•     Advanced Admin Control: ezeep is continually innovating with its latest new features, including:

o    Dynamic Printer Creation: A printer automatically appears and disappears on users’ desktops when administrators make changes to the assignments in the Admin Portal. This helpful feature addresses failover situations of print hardware, eliminating unnecessary downtime for the administrators and end-users.

o    Identity and Access Management: For any customer who is not using Microsoft Entra ID, ezeep overcomes the issue of addressing a printer and finding the right printer driver. This enables printing from any application, on any device, to any printer and without any hurdles.

•     Cloud Print Strategy and Offerings for the Channel: ThinPrint’s ezeep delivers the tools and expertise for the channel to leverage cloud printing and management capabilities to add value to existing customers, while tapping into new business opportunities. 

For more information about ezeep cloud printing visit https://www.ezeep.com/.