ezeep Printers & Settings Pages Get Prettier, Punchier

How do real people in real-life situations use ezeep, and how can we better support their needs? This question drives our consumer research—we want to respond accordingly and ramp-up our game where it’s needed. This week, we ezeeps are proud to introduce our new Printers & Settings Pages, which are more delightful than ever before.

What Are These Pages All About?

They’re your launchpad into the ezeep experience—allowing leaders to connect their printers with the different types of people in their organization. The Printers Page guides you through a streamlined process for sharing your printers, the Settings Page lets you customize who can use them and how.

Imagine for a moment that you’re the pastor of a church. You might create an ezeep group inviting your inner circle to have unlimited, full-color printing on the church’s office printer. But you might create a separate ezeep group for the church choir director—he’s always printing-out reams of sheet music from his iPad, so he gets the black-and-white-only option to curb costs. For your faithful flock, you might create an ezeep churchgoers group, which requires a special access code. After downloading your sermon notes to their mobile phones, ezeep lets your guests print-out the sermon on-site, using the church’s public printer. Rather than carelessly using paper and printing-out 100 copies of your sermon, only the select 15 individuals who really want a paper copy for keeping will get one. Whoever you are and whatever you need, we’re working hard to make sure you’re covered.

How Were These Pages Before?

We’ll be honest:  Your input showed that the previous design was needlessly complicated. People weren’t clear which actions to take and were thus rifling through a lot of unnecessary pages to get where they were going. And so we decided to shape-up and deliver a beautifully-updated solution.

What’s Different Now?

  • New focus toward most important information: how you share your printer
  • You can edit the name, address and paper size of your printer right on the page
  • If you haven’t yet shared your printer with others, you’re called to action
  • Online printers are indicated with a green line (letting you know all systems go)
  • Offline printers are indicated with a gray line (letting you know something’s up)
  • Editing a card or creating a new one will bring you to a new settings page
  • In settings, choose to share your printer in closed or open networks of users
  • Set a password if your printer is shared in a network or open widely to public
  • If you have the payment add-on option, you can set a price per-page
  • Choose whether your users can print in full color, or just black-and-white

What’s to Come?

Everything. All the time. That’s the beauty of a cloud-based software service. We’re continually beefing-up our technology, tidying-up that technology into a pretty, little package and then rolling it out for users to have an improved and empowering ezeep experience.

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