ezeep supports Windows 11 on Classic and Cloud Desktops from Day One

Back in 2019, as Microsoft launched its Azure Virtual Desktop platform, ezeep was chosen as their partner for printing. Then in July 2021, as Microsoft launched Windows 365 Cloud PC, ezeep followed with the announcement that its innovative printing technology also supports this solution. Not to be undone, we can announce today that ezeep Blue is ready to run on Windows 11 from day one as well

Thanks to ezeep, companies upgrading to Windows 11 can rest assured that printing in Windows 11 on classic desktops, Azure Virtual Desktop or in both versions of Windows 365 Cloud PC is as comfortable as it was in Windows 10.

Easy Printing in Windows 11
ezeep ensures simple printing in Windows 11, no matter if it’s installed on a classic desktop PC or hosted on either Azure Virtual Desktop or Windows 365 Cloud PC.

We ensure that users can reach the printer they want to use without a VPN, even if, for example, they access a cloud desktop via a web browser. Mobile users who frequently change their working location as part of new-work or hybrid-work models always have the right printers available with ezeep, regardless of which network they are currently on.

ThinPrint‘s CEO Charlotte Künzell: “We’re delighted to once again stand alongside our valued, historic partner Microsoft and support users of this new platform with what we’re renowned for: easy printing in practically any situation.”

Click here to visit Microsoft’s official Windows 11 page.