From Printing Costs to Printing Snacks – Coworking Europe 2018 Survey Results

Last week, during the Coworking Europe 2018 conference in Amsterdam, we took the opportunity to ask attendees about printing in their coworking spaces.

ezeep Booth at Coworking Europe

Not surprising for us of course, but everyone at Coworking Europe considers printing an essential service for members. In fact, it’s more important than parking spaces or coffee. It lost out to snacks though – something which we fully understand, even we need some sugar in the afternoon to keep us going. Maybe a snack printer is something to look into: Belgian company takes 3D printing to chocolate

But back to paper-based printing – the vast majority of attendees at Coworking Europe include printing in their membership fees. A third of them limit the number of pages a member can print for free each month. Of course, they can’t physically stop the printer after that limit is reached but they count the extra pages and add them to invoices. If you want to automate this, something you should take a closer look at is ezeep. We not only enable printing for members, but we also disable it for them too. And in cooperation with our partners billing doesn’t have to be a manual process either.

While free printing is important to members, it creates costs. Two thirds of our respondents don’t know how much printing costs them while the rest states it ranged between €50 and €200 per month. Based on that, we conclude that Coworking Europe attendees are not easy prey for copier lease sales guys with their sneaky tactics. Kudos to you! As with everything in business, reliable numbers are the best base for reliable decisions. If you’re not sure how much printing is costing you, give ezeep a try – you’ll likely be very surprised.

If you feel like this can’t be right, then take part in our Coworking Europe survey. We’ll be keeping it live for a couple more weeks: