How to Automate and Streamline Management in Coworking Spaces

The key to delivering an amazing experience for your coworking space members is to provide the infrastructure they need to work creatively while removing obstacles that take up their time.

In this joint web session, we introduce the integration with ezeep and Spacebring; two platforms which focus fully on streamlining the administrative burden on coworking space managers, which in turn allows them to produce a fluid working environment for their members.

What to Expect

  • ezeep: Say goodbye to printer driver management and streamline print access for your members
  • Spacebring: Manage room bookings, payments and provide a platform for collaboration from a single solution
  • DEMO: learn how to integrate ezeep and Spacebring with just a few clicks

About the Presenters:

Carlos Rangel: Account Executive at ezeep. With locations around the globe, ezeep is the worldwide leading provider of print management solutions in coworking spaces.

Igor Dzhebyan, Executive at Spacebring: With their coworking space software, Spacebring provides the best way to automate administration and elevate member experience.