Deploy & Enjoy! How to Plan for Printing in WVD projects

Presentation on AVD Tech Fest 2021 by Christoph Hammer (ezeep): Deploy & Enjoy! How to plan for printing in WVD projects

While AVD users can work in virtual desktops on virtual hardware in virtualized data centers from anywhere in the world, eventually, some of their work has to be printed to one of the 650 million printers in existence. And ideally to the printer, the user wishes to use.

Printing has caused problems for solutions architects, IT admins, and users alike. We want to help by pointing out situations where WVDs built-in printing just doesn’t cut it and to showcase cloud printing with ezeep as the solution.

Watch Our Web Session as part of the AVD Tech Fest 2021

The session is held by our SVP for Cloud Services Christoph Hammer.

After this presentation, you will:

  • Understand how printing in AVD works
  • Know what to look out for when printing is part of your project
  • Consider ezeep Blue for your next AVD project