How To Set Up and Enhance Microsoft Universal Print With ezeep Blue

Universal Print Teaser

Microsoft’s “Universal Print” gives organisations basic print management support and is included in some licenses.

In this E-Book, you‘ll find all the important information about Universal Print: we explain its licensing, demonstrate the setup process and provide an overview of pros and cons.

To improve compatibility with more printer models and to increase its scope of functions, you can also integrate Universal Print with ezeep Blue’s Universal Print Connector. This E-Book also explains how ezeep’s Universal Print Connector works.

Included in this free E-Book:

  • What is Universal Print and how is it licensed?
  • Which printers will work with Universal Print?
  • Walkthrough – how do you set up Universal Print?
  • What is the Universal Print Connector by ezeep Blue?
  • Comparison – Universal Print with and without ezeep Blue