IGEL Disrupt Unite Roadshow with ezeep

ezeep is ready to disrupt and build the future of printing. Are you?

The IGEL Disrupt Unite Roadshow starts this autumn and ezeep will be there. We will be in 11 cities in both the US and Europe and look forward to meeting you live again. Find out now when we’ll be in a city near you

If you can’t be there live, we’ll also be there for you virtually. 

We will also be giving a live presentation in Zurich and Charlotte.

The Future of Work with ezeep’s Future of Printing

Printing is transforming:

  • A medium relied on for hundreds of years is now digitally disruptive
  • Printing is playing a vital role in connecting our digital and physical processes, as well as software with people
  • Modern workflows in logistics, agriculture, manufacturing, health care, financial services would come to a screeching halt without printed paper

What to expect from this session:

  • See four current customer use cases where cloud printing is enhancing the modern workplace
  • Learn about the ezeep’s technologies
  • Learn about ezeep’s integration with Azure Virtual Desktop and Cloud PC
  • Learn about the ezeep’s integration in IGEL OS

Henning Volkmer, President and CEO of ThinPrint Inc

Volkmer drives the execution of ThinPrint Inc.’s strategy as an expert in print management. A cloud printing innovator and launch partner for Azure Virtual Desktop, ThinPrint is the technology leader for fully processing print jobs in its ezeep cloud without having to rely on on-premises printer drivers.

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