Introducing ezeep for Desktop (Yes, It’s Really that Awesome)

For all of you who regularly print with ezeep’s web app, you might have a noticed our new, recently-released edition, a ‘Printers’ page for end users. It looks a little something like this:

Here, end users like you can see which printers are available to them and, more importantly, if one of the printers you normally use is offline, as it appears grayed out on this page.  Any additional information about the printer is also available here, such as the email of the printer admin, price per-page, color settings and if there is a monthly or weekly cap on printing.

While a nice new feature, which we’re definitely pleased to add to the product, this is not the focus of today’s blogpost. What I am much more excited to tell you about today is a little surprise you can find available for download ON the new Printers page! Your all new ezeep for desktop.

Since I joined ezeep six months ago, the single thing that came up most frequently when talking to users was the ability to print ‘the normal way’. It wouldn’t necessarily be the first thing people mentioned, or even mentioned explicitly at all, most people are (charmingly) trying to be very polite when they talk to you about your product, especially if you speak face-to-face. But typically I would hear stuff like:

The design of the web interface is really nice, it’s very clear and easy to use…but if I could have it integrated into my native system that would be easier…

-Niklas, Blinkist

And, occasionally more to the point, I would hear:

I’m used to printing out of Google Docs and now I have to download the pdf first, upload it and then select a printer manually. That’s just way more complicated than before.

-Respondent to feedback survey

As someone who uses ezeep to print every day, I totally feel you. When ezeep started, our insight and understanding of the market led us to believe that mobile and tablet would be the most important platforms for ezeep. But as we’ve grown, our customer segment has shifted towards people working in one place for long periods over the course of the day. While mobile is super handy when you don’t want to go through the rigmarole of opening up your computer, our users still spend most of their time on laptops while at work or study.

I’m very excited to introduce ezeep for OSX and Windows! Once you’ve installed it, you can print ‘the regular way’ to any ezeep-connected printer — without having to install any custom drivers. If you need to pay to print, no problem: You can buy credit from within the app, without having to visit our web app. We’ll also let you know how much each printout is going to cost before you print, so you don’t unexpectedly run out of credit.

We hope you enjoy this new way to print with ezeep — we’re taking on the old way to print, but making it just that little bit simpler to set up. As always, we love to hear from you. Got questions or feedback? Please drop us a line on [email protected] or @ezeep on Twitter.