Investment Management Firm Uses ezeep Blue for Secure Zero Trust Printing

Midlandtrust IRA Zero Trust

In investment management, handling sensitive customer data securely is an essential part of daily business.

To ensure maximum protection, many companies choose to set up secure zero trust networks. Printing also plays an important role in key business processes, and ensuring that printers work smoothly in zero-trust environments is not always easy.

Midland IRA

Midland Trust IRA, a leading custodial services provider focused on self directed IRA accounts and private fund custody services, had major issues printing and scanning resulting from their zero-trust environment. ezeep Blue was one of the only programs that worked well for them.

With ezeep Blue, their users are able to print seamlessly and with minimal issues as compared to the other solutions they tried.

“Thanks to ezeep the headaches of printer management have significantly decreased.” Marco Gonzalez, IT Generalist Midland Trust IRA.

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Free Whitepaper on Zero Trust Printing

This E-Book (PDF) helps you to improve security in your print environment and discusses the advantages of Zero Trust.