OfficeR&D and ezeep are working together to simplify printing in shared workspaces

The highest level of productivity comes from smart, specialized solutions working together with a high level of automation. We focus on printing while others focus on resource management, billing or community engagement. All of us strive to be better at what we do than we were yesterday. Bridging the gap between our products by integrating each other’s benefits creates solutions for customers that are more the just sum of each of them. That’s why ezeep is designed to be an open platform for coworking printing.

OfficeR&D is our latest partner to employ synergies. With the ezeep integration into their space management solution, they will take care of user management and billing while we handle the shared space printing and print job monitoring. Our shared customers, simply link their OfficeR&D coworking management account with their ezeep account and define the costs per page for color and b/w print jobs. On the ezeep side, they link their printers to user groups via a policy. It is as simple as that.

ezeep partner: OfficeR&D Logo

We are looking forward to a strong partnership with OfficeR&D for the benefit of our coworking and shared space customers.

If you want to find out more about our partnership and the integration, go ahead and visit Office R&D’s website.