How to Print from Chromebooks? Chromebook Cloud Printing Explained

Printing Chrome OS? How can a chromebook cloud printing solution help?
Managing printers for Chrome OS devices can be challenging. Chromebook cloud printing solutions can help.

Chapter Overview:

  1. Printer Management via the Google Admin Console
  2. Manage and Assign Printers with ezeep Blue
  3. What Printers are Compatible with a Chromebook?
  4. How to Connect Printer to Chromebook – ezeep offers Secure and Easy Printing in Chrome OS

Overall, it can be difficult to manage printers in Chrome OS and troubleshoot printing issues. To resolve these issues, we explain how to connect printer to Chromebook properly and why a Chromebook cloud printing solution can make things much easier to manage at home or for your company.

How to connect a printer to chromebook, made easier with a chromebook cloud printing solution like ezeep Blue
Adjusting printer settings on a Chromebook to ensure a seamless printing experience can be difficult.

One of the problems with printing in Chrome OS and Chromebooks is that it is sometimes difficult to find the right printer or set it up. One may encounter issues such as not seeing the printer in the list of available printers to connect to the Chromebook, or encountering errors while pairing the printer with your Chromebook.

For administrators, there are the additional challenges of managing users as well as deploying and maintaining the print infrastructure. For some it is additional difficult to connect a printer to the Chromebook.

In this post, we’ll share some tips to simplify and improve printing and print management for Chromebook users.

If you’re not a business user these tips also apply for all other users who want to connect their printer to the chromebook.

Challenge: Printer Management via the Google Admin Console

Adding printers to an organization as an administrator is a bit more difficult than for normal users. To add printers via the Google Admin Console, one must first make sure that the devices are properly configured and connected to the network. Then, in the Admin Console, an organization area has to be created and printers have to be added by having their IP addresses entered. After that, permissions have to be granted to the users who will access the printers.

Another challenge with this process is with setting the default printer so that all users select the specified printer by default when they print. This can be set through the Organizational Areas setting, but it can be difficult to ensure that all users print to the correct printer by default.

What Printers are Compatible with a Chromebook?

If you want to find out which printers are compatible with a Chromebook, it’s best to check the device’s specifications or look for models that are specifically designed for mobile devices. Many mobile printers are also compatible with Chromebooks, making them a great option for those who need to print while on-the-go. Here is a list of Compatible Printers for Chromebook.

Chromebook Cloud Printing with ezeep Blue

Chromebook Cloud Printing
ezeep Blue – a dedicated print management solution that works beautifully on Chrome

If you’re an administrator trying to assign printers to users your organization and want to keep the workload to a minimum, a dedicated, chromebook cloud printing solution like ezeep is helpful.

ezeep is a platform that simplifies printer management for organizations using Chromebooks as users can access and print to printers from any device. ezeep also provides a number of printer management and distribution features, such as the ability to share or restrict printers to specific users or groups.

Connecting printers to ezeep does not require integrating Google Sheets spreadsheets or other tedious steps and can be easily automated using the ezeep Hub. Additionally, to reduce the time required to assign printers, end-users can select their preferred printers in their own user portal.

The Printer Profiles feature also allows businesses to streamline their printing processes significantly. Customizable printing preferences for different users of the same printer can be easily set up such as resource-saving default printer settings like black/white or duplex printing.

ezeep Blue’s Printer Profiles can even minimize errors and boost productivity. For example, you can ensure the correct page sizes are always selected or print additional copies for other departments. In just one window you can visually set your printing preferences and easily assign them to your user groups.

As an Admin, to Enable Users to Print from Chrome or Chromebooks with ezeep, Follow these Simple Steps:

Network Printer overview with ezeeps  Chromebook Cloud Printing
ezeep Blue provides an overview of all printers in your organization
  1. Connect the printers with ezeep: The easiest way to do this as an admin is to use the ezeep Hub. The Hub not only saves IT administrators time and effort, but also replaces costly and maintenance-intensive print servers. ezeep does the rendering, i.e. the translation of the document into the language of the printer, entirely in the cloud so that neither printer drivers nor print servers are needed locally. Alternatively, the free ezeep Connector software can be installed on a Windows PC or server instead of the Hub to connect printers with ezeep.
  2. Invite users by email in the ezeep Blue Admin portal and assign their standard printers to them.
Printer-Assignment with ezeeps  Chromebook Cloud Printing
You can assign multiple printers to multiple users in ezeep Blue in seconds
  1. Distribute the ezeep extension for users via Google Workspace or let them download it themselves.
Chrome Print app and
The Google Chrome Extension is available in the Chrome web store
  1. With ezeep it is now possible to print directly from ChromeOS.
  2. The user can change their desired printers in “My Printers” at any time – or if no printer selection is allowed, the admin assigns a printer to the user and disables printer selection in the policies in the Admin portal.

ezeep Offers Easy Chromebook Cloud Printing

ezeep allows users to print from any device as long as they can access a Chrome browser window which is especially useful when users are working from different locations or when they are on the go and need a mobile printing solution. Furthermore, ezeep allows users to print directly from Google Docs, Sheets, websites, and other Google applications without the need to install additional drivers or software. Cloud rendering means print jobs are processed quickly and reliably without affecting the performance of the local device. ezeep also uses secure connections and protocols to protect data during the printing process. Using ezeep is simple and intuitive, so that users can print quickly and easily.

Chromebook Cloud Printing

Chromebook Cloud Printing has never been easier

ezeep Blue is free for up to 10 users.