Printing in Coworking Spaces More Important than Coffee

According to Deskmag, printing is more important than coffee for coworking space users. It is also a major pain point for coworking space operators.

Here are some of the findings of Deskmag*:

  • 92% of coworking space users are happy with their new working environments
  • 99% of the coworkers expect internet access
  • 80% want to print easily

With 80%, printing is even more important than a meeting room (76%), a cafe (61%) or a kitchen (50%).

Challenges when Printing in Coworking Spaces

  • Complicated installation of printer drivers
  • A high amount of time spent on printer support and management
  • Uncontrolled increase in printing costs
  • Complicated setup for printing from various devices

The Solution: Cloud Printing for Coworking Spaces

  • Quick installation: Printers are quickly connected are instantly ready for use
  • Minimal support: Users start printing right away without any installation of printer drivers or other software
  • Better control: View print statistics and set print limits and even cost per page.
  • Happy coworkers and employees: Print quickly and easily with any device, even from smartphones and tablets.

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*What Coworkers want: deskmag: