Printing in Remote Locations without Workarounds and VPNs

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Oesterreicher e.K.

Printing in remote locations caused a lot of administrative work, reports Stefan Schaub, head of technology and support. And was coupled with either unreliable cloud printing solutions from manufacturers or costly VPN tunnels.

ezeep Blue provided a solution to the printing problems. Stefan Schaub says “Features that you usually only get with a print server are built into the solution. Except for the one-time setup, we have hardly any admin work to do. Central management allows us to distribute printers, and we also no longer have any worries with printer drivers.”

Advantages include:

• VPNs that were only provided for printing are no longer necessary.
• Simple use for the users: They do not notice any difference between local and “cloud printers”.
• The same workflows can be used since they have a normal print object.
• No more detours via PDF printers and e-mail to print a page in a branch office.

Stefan Schaub summarizes by saying, “With ezeep, we have found a solution that is easy to administer and requires almost no maintenance. We were able to reduce the support effort for printing in branches and optimize the workflows.”