Profit with Printing – Practical Advice for Shared Workspaces

Giving your members the ability to print out documents is something every workspace operator should provide.

Delivering this service is not without its pain points though. Aside from member onboarding, driver management and billing, workspace operators are also faced with the big challenge of budgeting for printing. It is not just the hardware that has to be paid for; paper, toner, ink, fuser, maintenance, repairs and electric energy need to be accounted for.

While some operators may be tempted to avoid this hassle altogether and call it “going green”, there is a much better strategy. We’ve prepared a session that shows you how you can profit with printing with ezeep, and in an enviromentally-friendly way too.

What to Expect – April 15 11:00 AM EDT / 17:00 CET

  • Budgeting for Printing: Sign up for free profit calculator worksheet
  • Inkjet or Lasers? Our tips for choosing the right printer for your workspace
  • Green Printing: How to deliver a green printing service with ezeep
  • Printing as a Service: Hassle free printing for your members

About the Presenter: Bob Krumwiede is Technology Sales Manager at ezeep and is based in Denver, USA.

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Need a Google Cloud Print Alternative?

Google has ended its popular cloud printing service. No need to worry though: ezeep Blue is now free for private users.



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Powered by ThinPrint

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