Quocirca Cloud Print Services, 2022 – Update

Quocirca conducted several primary research studies in 2022 examining important industry developments in cloud printing solutions, including analysis of the offers from manufacturers and independent software vendors (ISVs). These results are published in the Cloud Print Services Market Landscape, 2022 report.

Sticking to Zero Trust Principles with Cloud Printing – Quocirca’s Interview with ezeep

Key Findings

Quocirca notes that the cloud print services industry is gaining traction as businesses continue to shift to the cloud. One reason for this shift is the overall continuous digital transformation. With the elimination of print servers, cloud-based print management can minimize IT burdens while lowering financial costs due to acquiring and managing print servers.

Using fewer or no print servers can reduce the environmental impact of an organization and lower its costs too. As a result, 80% of companies are either already using cloud printing or plan to do so as part of their sustainability strategy.

Quocirca finds that before the end of 2025, 20% of organizations will move their IT infrastructure fully into the cloud. Around 41% want to move mostly into the cloud, representing a rise from 21% today.

37% of organizations aim to implement a cloud print management solution within the next two years, whereas 43% of organizations have already done so. Businesses belonging to the finance sector have adopted cloud printing solutions at the highest rate. Geographically, the US leads with 56% and Germany follows with 32%.

Greater Security Remains a Key Motivator for Adoption

Security in the print environment has been a major concern in 2021 and 2022. Findings from 2021 showed how only 21% of IT decision-makers felt confident about the security of their print environment, which represented a drop from 33% before the pandemic.

Organizations now recognize in 2022 the improved security of cloud printing platforms and the importance of a zero-trust architecture for their IT environment. A majority of respondents (52%) believe that cloud printing is more secure than on-premises printing. With cloud security being a major concern, 42% report, that they now operate in a zero-trust environment.

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