Secure Printing in the Era of Hybrid Work and Home Office

The Global Print Security Landscape 2022 report by analyst firm Quocirca examines the security of the current enterprise print landscape.

The renowned research and analysis company Quocirca has published a new report on the topic of print security.

A total of 531 IT decision-makers in the USA and Europe were surveyed. 23% of respondents were from small to medium-sized businesses (250 to 499 employees), 29% from medium-sized organisations (500 to 999 employees) and 47% from large enterprises (1,000+ employees).

Print Security Landscape 2022 Report by Quocirca
Quocirca Report: Print Security Landscape, 2022 (Image by Quocirca)

According to Quocirca, the world of work has changed decisively due to the new hybrid working environment and home office working. This has led to new security problems, especially when it comes to printing. Moreover, printing hardware is being purchased that is not being monitored by the central IT department. This leads to less confidence in the security of their printing infrastructure, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises. In the last 12 months, more than two-thirds (68%) of the companies surveyed have suffered data loss due to insecure printing practices.

Backup approaches, Quocirca said, had been geared towards a workforce working in the corporate office prior to Corona. Today’s widespread remote working creates an expanded threat landscape. With the changing realities, Quocirca said, companies need to rethink their security measures for the print environment. 70% of companies expect to increase their spending on print security in the next 12 months.

And this figure is also interesting: 64% of companies say that printing will continue to be important to their businesses in the future. 44% even expect that the volume of printing in the office will increase, 41% that the volume of printing at home will also increase.

So no matter how you look at it: Companies will not be able to avoid dealing with the issue of printer security, even under changed conditions.

The complete Quocirca Print Security Landscape 2022 study, with many more interesting figures and findings, is available for purchase on the Quocirca website.

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