The Guild Uses ezeep to Provide Integrated Print Management to Members With Chromebooks and Other Devices

Organization name: The Guild
Sector: Coworking Spaces
Location: Bath, UK

The Guild Logo


The Guild coworking hub is a creative workspace for the tech and creative industries. It opened in July 2013 in the city of Bath in the UK and offers a mixture of a creative workspace with meeting rooms. The 3,500m² of space in a former guild house provide a professional base for approximately 170 regular members. There are also meeting rooms, which are available for rent by non-members too.


The members of The Guild coworking space use their own devices as is usual in coworking. Printing, an essential service of a shared workspace, must be intuitive and reliable for all these devices. Chromebooks in particular posed a challenge. But also, Windows and macOS printing couldn’t be managed and was not integrated into Nexudus – the existing space management solution.


The Guild decided to use ezeep as its printing solution. As a cloud service with minimal requirements for the IT environment, printing from Chromebooks, any other devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android, macOS and Windows could be offered and all without in-depth knowledge and with little effort.

Another advantage was that Nexudus is a long-term ezeep partner. As a result, user management remained in the platform with which other resources are also managed in the British coworking space. In addition, the cost of printing will be added to the member’s invoices page by page.

What Charlotte Claydon, Office Manager, has to say

ezeep is an easy way to manage printing. It’s really easy to use for the members and for me.