The Nursing Staff of Vivage Prints Easily and Comfortably With Their Chromebooks

Organization name: Vivage – Senior Living
Sector: Healthcare
Location: Lakewood, Colorado, USA 

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Whether you are a family or an investor, today’s senior living market requires the proven expertise of the community Operator/Manager. Vivage, an American-based expert in senior living, brings award-winning professionals to the communities to guide and support responsive leadership. Vivage offers established fiscal, operational and clinical systems, and a recognized focus on hiring the right people who care about the residents.


Most of the nurses use chromebooks that are not on the internal network and Vivage needs to have them print to the internal network printers securely.


The ezeep console enables the comfortable and easy setup of printers, groups and permissions. The setup of the 120 printers was finished in a few hours. Now the chromebook users have the ability to print and to meet HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requirements.

What Peter Sturm, Systems Engineer, has to say

ezeep works great. It is very easy to use. So the training of the end users was very straight forward. The chromebook users love that they can now print. There is nothing but positive feedback from all users.