Azure Virtual Desktop – Use Cases, Tech-Specs and Tips & Tricks

With Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop platform, companies can securely outsource all their hardware and data centers, provide Windows desktops to workers anywhere, and leverage Azure’s scalable pay-what-you-use pricing model.

Henning Volkmer, President and CEO of ezeep, gives an overview of the platform, where it excels and how to make the most out of it.

And because making a smooth transition to AVD means integrating on-prem hardware, like printers, we will discuss other aspects not picked up in other deep dives too.

Talking Azure Virtual Desktop

✓ Topics
✓ What is Azure Virtual Desktop + Use Cases
✓ Technical Requirements and Pricing
✓ Latest Features and AVD Technologies ✓ Getting Started Demo
✓ Tips and Tricks
✓ Partners and Integrations