Getting Started with Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) enables users to access Windows Virtual Desktops and applications from all types of devices, regardless of location. Built on Microsoft’s cloud-based platform, Microsoft Azure, this highly available technology enables organizations to easily deploy multi-session Windows 10 desktops.

This flexibility, in combination with pay-what-you-use pricing and advanced security updates for Windows 7, make Windows Virtual Desktop a highly attractive package.

So what should organizations know in advance before they start, and how does it work?

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through the first steps towards deploying Windows Virtual Desktop and brief you on one of the most important DaaS solutions of the future.

✓ Deploying Windows Virtual Desktops in three steps
✓ Creating a tenant for Windows Virtual Desktop
✓ Creating service principals and assigning roles with PowerShell
✓ Setting up a host pool with the Azure Marketplace

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