Join Us at WVD Tech Fest 2021, February 25, Online

December 22, 2020
Meet ezeep online at the WVD Tech Fest 2021, the very first WVD Community driven event.

WVD Tech Fest is all about putting the knowledge and experience of the worlds leading Windows Virtual Desktop experts to use! During this free event, you will be given all the answers and insights you need to start, continue, or improve your organization’s WVD journey. 

We at ezeep support this event with our experts and our Azure-based print cloud, created in partnership with Microsoft, to ensure simple and secure Windows Virtual Desktop printing. 

Printing is causing problems for solution architects, IT admins, and users alike. We want to help by pointing out situations where WVD’s built-in printing just doesn’t cut it and showcase cloud printing with ezeep as the solution. 

Our exclusive event session (the exact session time still needs to be determined) held by our SVP for Cloud Services Christoph Hammer, will cover the most significant aspects when planning for printing in WVD: 

  • Understand how printing in WVD works  
  • Know what to look out for when printing is part of your project  
  • Consider ezeep Blue for your next WVD project 

We look forward to seeing you, online, on February 25th 2021! Register now to save your seat:  

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Google Cloud Print was discontinued on December 31, 2020. Find out why ezeep is the ideal alternative and how to prepare for a smooth transition.



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