Design automated print workflows for thousands of apps – all without a single line of code.

Automated printing from OneDrive thanks to ezeep integration with the Make platform

What Is Make?

Make is a visual, no-code platform that lets you build and automate your printing processes, ranging from simple “when-then” printing, up to complex workflows involving conditional logic and more. With Make, you can send information between ezeep Blue and thousands of apps quickly and easily.

Key Features

Connect ezeep Blue with any app or service

Use Make to connect ezeep Blue with 1000+ popular apps to automate printing.  If your app is missing, you can connect to any app or service using the Make API.

Visualize the workflows you create

Make’s drag-and-drop interface helps you visualize the workflows you create. Your printing workflows can run instantly or per schedule, and can include as many steps as you need. Advanced features like error handling, conditional logic and filtering ensure your print workflows are reliable and as complex as you need them to be.

Example Workflows

  • Print labels or delivery slips every time a new order is completed in WooCommerce
  • Print newly uploaded files to Google Drive, Onedrive or Dropbox to any printer
  • Create a Stripe charge when a ezeep Blue user prints, then create a QuickBooks sales receipt afterwards