Automated Label Printing from SAP with ezeep Blue and Zapier   

Etikettendruck aus SAP

Labels created in SAP are stored in One Drive and printed automatically with Zebra printers thanks to ezeep Blue and Zapier.

Background: One of our customers, an industrial company, uses the ERP system from SAP. Labels are generated from this system and these labels are automatically stored in One-Drive and are sent and printed to warehouse employees in a remote warehouse when certain events occur.

Challenge: The company was looking for an efficient and reliable solution to send label printing from SAP over the WAN to a remote site.

Solution: The industrial company became aware of ezeep Blue through an internet search and tested the solution. After discussions with the Head of IT, the ezeep Hub solution was selected with mobile printing, and the combination allows warehouse employees to work with Zebra label printers. The saved labels are printed directly from the One-Drive via Zapier and ezeep in an automated way.

Result: Before implementing ezeep Blue, the print workflow was not optimal. With ezeep Blue, the company not only solved the original challenges, but also improved the overall print workflow. With ezeep Blue and Zapier, label printing from SAP became automated and seamless.

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