Alternative to Papercut Pocket – Why You Should Switch to ezeep Blue

How ezeep Blue works

Looking for an alternative to Papercut Pocket? Here are some of the features that you’re missing out on by not using ezeep Blue!

Disclaimer: Our team conducted thorough and honest research to conduct this assessment and to draw these comparisons with ezeep Blue. That being said, in the very dynamic world of cloud printing, the accuracy of this article may change over time.

Why ezeep Blue is a Great Alternative to Papercut Pocket

ezeep Blue Has Great Group Management

Group User Management with ezeep Blue

One reason why you might be looking for an alternative to Papercut Pocket is because you need more powerful group management to handle large amounts of users.

In ezeep Blue, you can easily create groups of users and assign printers according to groups. With this handy feature, you can expect to save a lot of time managing your users, particularly if you are dealing with lots of users and printers that are distributed across different locations.

ezeep Blue Doesn’t Need a Software Or Server Client

Cloud Managed ezeep Hubs

Having to install a piece of connector software on the client or print server is a commonplace requirement of cloud print management solutions. Yet unlike Papercut Pocket, ezeep Blue gives you an additional alternative to this with the ezeep Hub.

If you don’t like the commitment of having to maintain costly and high-maintenance on-premises print server or the idea of maintaining an always-on workstation has proven frustrating, then the ezeep Hub is the perfect alternative to Papercut Pocket. Not only does it more easily integrate printers in remote locations, the connector software is built in, offering more stability, reduced energy consumption and the ability to forego software connectors or server connectors entirely.

The Hub also saves IT administrators a lot of time and effort because the rendering takes place entirely in the cloud, so that neither printer drivers nor print servers are required locally. That is true cloud printing.

ezeep Blue Supports More Operating Systems

Print Now via a web browser

Via Print Now, ezeep Blue is able to support printing from a wider range of operating systems, such as Linux. All you need is access to a web browser. For some workflows, this could be critical.

ezeep Blue Users Can Print Directly to Printers

While user authentication at the printer is a great feature to deliver more secure printing (check out ezeep Blue’s own Pull Printing feature if you like this), it can affect productivity in certain use cases. ezeep Blue gives admins the ability to decide how different teams and users print.

For example, if you have teams which regularly need to print out large, 100-page documents, you don’t have to force them to authenticate and wait at the printer each time. Likewise, printing workflows which depend on continuous and rapid output need to be printed straight away. ezeep Blue can handle these use cases majestically thanks to the granular print policies at your disposal.

ezeep Blue Offers More Automation

Automated printing with ezeep blue api

Following up on that last point – another reason why ezeep Blue is a great alternative to Papercut Pocket is that with ezeep Blue you have more automation features available. With ezeep Blue, you can automate things like group assignments by domains. As a company that has bigger teams, admins can automate printer assignments by using this ezeep Blue-only feature. On top of that, ezeep Blue offers integrations with workflow automation tools like Zapier and Make to give specific teams the ability to build their own print automation workflows.

ezeep Blue – The Best Alternative to Papercut Pocket. Try for Free Today

Interested in learning more about ezeep Blue and how it can can be used in comparison to Papercut Pocket? Why not just give it a try? ezeep Blue is completely free to use and simple to set up.