Automated Printing of Email Attachments: Save Time and Increase Efficiency with ezeep Blue

Print Email Attachments automatically

Printing Outlook attachments and emails is a time-consuming task. In this blog post, we take a look at the manual approach and show you a simple and worthwhile alternative – automation with ezeep Blue.

A lot of important data, such as contracts or invoices, are now sent as email attachments, yet they still need to be printed. The manual method of printing Outlook attachments usually requires several steps:

  1. Open the e-mail with the attachment
  2. Saving PDF attachments locally if necessary
  3. Clicking on the print option
  4. Selecting the printer settings, such as number of pages, paper format, etc.
  5. Confirming the printing process

This manual method is not only time-consuming but also entails the risk of errors and inconsistencies, in addition to data protection issues where PDF attachments are saved locally before printing. Manual printing can also be inefficient with large volumes of emails and attachments. Further challenges arise when printing email attachments when the desired printer is not displayed. This scenario can occur, for example, if the email attachment needs to be printed on a local printer in the home office or from a session. Similar problems arise if a remote printer needs be accessed from a mobile device while on the move, or if you want to print to a remote printer located in another site.

More Efficiency: Automatic Email Attachment Printing with ezeep Blue

ezeep Blue is an innovative printing solution that is specially designed to simplify and optimize printing processes and significantly reduce administrative workload. By connecting your printers to the ezeep Blue cloud, you can easily print to remote and local printers from your applications. Here are some of ezeep Blue’s key features:

  • Enterprise scalability: ezeep Blue is scalable and can be easily implemented in organizations of any size.
  • Secure printing: Document security is guaranteed as ezeep Blue encrypts and protects print data.
  • Automation: Recurring printing processes are automated with just a few clicks, reducing manual workload.
  • Wi-Fi printing: Printing from private devices without AirPrint support is also possible. Learn more »

ezeep Blue is easy to install and configure so you can set up print automation quickly. All you need to get started is a free ezeep Blue account and an account with a no-code automation platform like Zapier and Make. As a Pro, you can also program your own automations by requesting your ezeep Blue API Client ID.

That’s all you’ll need to fully take advantage of automated email attachment printing.

Integrating Make and Zapier To Print Outlook Attachments Automatically

Zapier and Make are workflow automation platforms allowing you to connect your applications, such as Outlook, to ezeep Blue to optimize your printing processes without any programming knowledge.

In this example, we show you how to set up a workflow in Make to print Outlook attachments automatically with ezeep Blue.

  1. In Make, select the target folder in Outlook where emails with attachments to be printed are received.
  1. In the next step, automatically upload email attachments to a OneDrive folder.
  1. Link the OneDrive folder to ezeep Blue and set a time for how often the folder is checked for new Outlook attachments.

Watch our short tutorial to easily recreate all the steps for automatically printing your Outlook attachments with Make.


Manually printing email attachments is time-consuming and not very efficient. Automating email attachment printing not only saves valuable resources but is also easier than ever before. We recommend using ezeep Blue and Make to automate printing processes and increase workplace productivity.

There are numerous benefits to using ezeep Blue, including:

  • Time savings: By automating your printing processes, you can focus on more important tasks..
  • Error reductions: The likelihood of errors is minimized as ezeep Blue performs the tasks reliably.
  • GDPR-compliant printing: ezeep Blue complies with the strictest data protection regulations and does not require local storage of sensitive files and data for printing processes.

The ezeep Blue solution is easy to set up and provides an efficient way for automatically printing Outlook attachments and emails. This allows companies to save time and focus on what matters, their business’s success.

Discover use cases, benefits and implementation possibilities of print automation with ezeep Blue. More information »

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