Exploring the Ideal Azure Reference Architecture for AVD Printing

A good reference architecture is that really important template you revisit every now and again for comforting reassurance. It documents best practices for architecture and displays the relationships between all necessary elements involved. Sometimes, it’s the most valuable guide you have on your hard drive.

So, when Microsoft asked us to create a Azure reference architecture for modern, cloud-based printing, we were a little apprehensive at first as you might guess.

There’s a lot to address here. Now more than ever, the demand for a new framework for modern printing infrastructure is palpable: The onset of Azure Virtual Desktop brings with it the joys of a rich, virtualized desktop and application experience, yet new challenges when seeking to establish secure, stabile connections from Azure-hosted applications to on-premises printers.

Now that printing has gone global, how do you make it work best for your organization and users?

Azure reference architecture for AVD printing: Presentation download

This Azure reference architecture offers insights on the requirements you need to bear in mind when building a cost-efficient and reliable print architecture for Azure Virtual Desktop.

It is based on our own printing experience and an extended period of collaboration with Microsoft while working on a partner printing integration solution for AVD.

In case you missed it, you can catch up on the concept here. Happy printing.

If you want to, also take a look at out product page: Azure Virtual Desktop printing!

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