Customer Stories

Coworking Basel Offers Easy Printing to Coworkers

Coworking Basel decided to implement ezeep. The results were very positive and immediate. After just a few minutes the solution was configured and the account portal website could be used by employees to invite users to print. Read More

The Guild Uses ezeep to Provide Integrated Print Management to Members With Chromebooks and Other Devices

The Guild coworking hub is a creative workspace for the tech and creative industries. The coworking space uses the cloud printing solution ezeep to provide integrated print management to members with Chromebooks and other devices. Read More

Coworking Community of Commerce Village Relies on Easy Printing

The coworking space Commerce Village enables its members to easily print from a number of devices and operating systems thanks to ezeep. An additional advantage for the operator is ezeep’s seamless integration into the Office R&D coworking software platform. Read More

Somewhere Simplifies Printing & Print Management

Somewhere is a young company with the global ambition to help people share and discover work that matters to them. With ezeep, the company simplifies printing and print management. Read More