Cloud Management for ezeep Hubs – Now Available!

Manage all your ezeep Hubs remotely from the Admin Portal​ 

Remote cloud management of ezeep Hubs makes the ezeep Blue cloud-managed printing solution even better. Cloud management of ezeep Hubs is perfect for busy IT teams that want to remotely set up and manage their Hubs on any network in the world – even for home office, segmented or zero trust networks.

Use Cases

Take, for example, the home office use case, which is now more common than ever. Configuring printers for home offices is difficult – often the mix of personal and company devices/networks, which need to be somehow securely connected with one another, poses a challenge. To save time, you can now simply send a Hub to an employee for them to plug into their home office.

Once a Hub has been plugged into a local network, it will automatically become available to a cloud-hosted device pool. From the Admin Portal, IT can then enter the MAC address of the Hubs and claim them for their organisation. The Hub then auto-discovers all the printers on that network, so admins can complete the remotely setup for printers, users and groups from the Portal. End result: secure home office printing is set up and the end user barely had to lift a finger.

Key Benefits

  • Manage and configure all your Hubs from a central web portal
  • No need to be in the same network as the ezeep Hub to configure
  • No need to share ezeep Hub passwords with local teams for configuration
  • No need for local teams to help with configuration – genuine plug-and-play for home offices, branches or wherever a Hub is used
  • Works with ezeep and ThinPrint Hubs, as well as Release Stations

Cloud Management works with all ezeep Hubs, as well as ThinPrint Hubs and Release Stations. ezeep Hubs are the perfect replacement for expensive and management-intensive Print Servers. The ability to remotely configure and manage Hubs makes ezeep Blue an unbeatable solution for managing your print infrastructure from the cloud.

The Cloud Management for ezeep Hubs: Now available in the ezeep Admin Portal!

Already an ezeep Blue user? Then check out our video on this page to see how to get started! Make sure your ezeep hubs are updated to firmware version 1.16.98, which you can download from the ezeep Blue Admin Portal in the Apps & Downloads section.

New to ezeep Blue? Start using ezeep for free today. The ezeep Hub can also be tested for free on our website.