Home Office Printing

ezeep Hub enables remote home office workers to securely and conveniently print corporate resources to their home office printers

Home Office Printing Is a Challenge – For Users and IT

More employees than ever are working in home offices. As part of hybrid work models, for example. However, if they want to print corporate resources to their home printer, they quickly reach their limits.

There are various reasons why home office printing fails:

  • An employee uses a VPN connection to access company applications and documents. However, in many companies, common security practices prevent local devices such as printers from being used when accessing corporate resources via VPN. As a result, the VPN blocks all local network connections and USB ports, preventing employees from printing to their local printer.
  • Employees use Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) from a tablet or Chromebook and want to print corporate resources at home. Here, printing to local printers is only possible with a lot of time and effort put in by the IT department.
  • Employees work at home with a company-managed computer and are not allowed to install printer drivers themselves. Therefore, the IT team has to set up printing for them. This process is very time-consuming for the IT department. Even more so when many employees want to print from different company devices in the home office and printer drivers need to be installed on all their devices.
  • In some teams, employees must print to colleagues’ home office printers, something that is also not easy to set up.


Home Office Printing Made Easy Thanks to the ezeep Hub

Thanks to the ezeep Hub and cloud management for ezeep Hubs, IT admins can easily and remotely ensure that employees can print corporate resources smoothly to their home printers.
The ezeep HubAn ezeep Hub is sent to the home of an employee who needs to print from their home office. The device has a specific MAC address, which the employee provides to the IT department upon receipt of the device. Once an employee turns on the ezeep Hub and connects it to the home Ethernet, the device reports its availability to a cloud-hosted device pool.

In the ezeep Blue portal, the admin claims the ezeep Hub for the home office user by entering the MAC address and checks the drivers for the printers connected to the ezeep Hub. If necessary, the IT team can also manage the settings of the home office hubs remotely.

Users can now easily print corporate resources from the home office, whether from their laptops or mobile devices.




  • Companies gain visibility and control over the home office printers of their employees.
  • Employees print securely at home via a managed infrastructure.


  • Company-managed laptops don’t need to be set up individually for home office printers.
  • Employees can print from all their devices, even with full VPNs enabled.


  • Enables local printing from remote desktops on tablets or Chromebooks.
  • Employees can easily share their home office printers.



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  • If you return the device within the test period, no subscription fees will be charged at all.
  • All you have to pay are the shipping fees and costs for returning the Hub.




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