Coworking Insights: Kiez Büro Coworking Berlin

The coworking scene has had to endure a lot due to the Covid pandemic. But the situation is now stabilizing, and one thing is clear, coworking will continue to play an essential role in the world of work. Both in the present and the future, and it has revenue potential.

In our series, we’re talking to key players in the sector. We start with Björn Budack from Kiez Büro, who has been active in the coworking industry for many years.

Kiez Büro Coworking Berlin

Where are your coworking spaces located, and what’s unique about them?

Björn: We currently operate 12 coworking spaces in Germany. The main focus is Berlin, with 8 locations, and our other locations are in Hamburg, Neustrelitz, Eberswalde, and Lägerdorf. Our coworking spaces are small office communities with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Which five apps are indispensable for your work?

Cobot for managing our locations. With Cobot, space management is very straightforward, from booking different rates for members to connecting completely different apps.

Datev-Unternehmen-Online for accounting. In Datev-Unternehmen-Online, our tax consultants can work on the same database as us. At the same time, it’s user-friendly and clear, even for accounting laymen like us.

KIWI.KI for door management. KIWI.KI is connected to Cobot and enables easy management of access rights. Doors can also be opened remotely, which is very important for us.

ezeep for managing our printers. Printers at our different locations are managed via ezeep. The user administration and rights assignment are convenient and flexible, our members no longer need to install printer drivers, etc. and ezeep is also fully integrated with Cobot.

GoCardless is a tool for direct debit. With GoCardless our members can independently create a direct debit without us having to do anything. Gocardless is also connected to the customer accounts in Cobot.

What are your plans for the near future?

Björn: Since the Covid crisis also impacted us, which among other aspects, led to the closure of two locations, we are currently still in the process of recovery and currently have no particular plans for the near future.

Where do you see the biggest challenges for the industry?

Björn: The new dynamic of hybrid working is also changing what coworking spaces are offering with more and more flexible models and rates. On the one hand, this is a good development, but on the other hand, it also brings greater financial uncertainty.

Want to get to know Kiez Büro? Here are their contact details:

Kiez Büro Coworking
An der Kolonnade 11-13
10117 Berlin
030 2060 5180
[email protected]