How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Printer Fleet


Rising prices and the more conscious use of resources make energy saving the order of the day. Thanks to new working models and technologies, it is definitely worthwhile for companies to take a look at their printing systems and check their energy efficiency.

In this article we outline how you can implement ezeep’s technologies to make your printing system more energy efficient.

First Step: Analyse Your Current Needs

Many printing systems are still at pre-pandemic levels. Therefore, it is worthwhile to first look at how work has developed in the company. Especially if hybrid work models are practised and there are fewer employees in the office, you should look at how the company printers are used. If the print volume has decreased and certain printers are not being used to capacity, you will achieve the maximum energy-saving effect by reducing your printer fleet.

Printer Consolidation: What You Should Look Out For

If the decision has been made to downsize your printer fleet, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth printing process.

Decide on the most energy-efficient system in use in the company, while also keeping the functionality of the printers and requirements in mind. Special hardware such as thermal or label printers should of course remain operational to avoid disrupting business processes. In most cases, individual workplace printers can be replaced by larger multifunctional systems.

Share Printers Securely with ezeep’s Pull Printing Solution

Reducing your printer fleet means that several employees or departments share one printer. Therefore, the use of a pull-printing solution such as ezeep Blue is recommended, as it allows sensitive documents to be securely sent to the printer.

The printing process starts exactly as the users are used to. They select AnyPrinter by ezeep as the printer. Print jobs are then stored in a virtual print queue. Users authenticate themselves directly on the company device of their choice to output documents to the printer. This ensures that confidential information is not left unattended in the printer tray and can be viewed by unauthorized persons.

In addition, energy can be saved for forgotten and uncollected print jobs. Another advantage is that if a printer is heavily used, the print job can be sent to another company printer. In this way, the available device resources are used efficiently.

Share Printers Easily Across Different Network Segments

Another advantage of ezeep Blue is that corporate printers in the corporate network can also be shared across different network segments and devices can be consolidated. For example, users in branches, in the home office or from the public salesroom can use the corporate printer. Printing can be managed centrally with ezeep Blue without compromising network security. Moreover, with the energy-efficient and low-maintenance ezeep Hub, no IT know-how is required in the field offices.


A lot of energy can be saved by taking a close look at one’s own printing system. An efficient measure is the consolidation of the printer fleet in connection with the cloud printing solution ezeep Blue. This offers simple printer management independent of the printer model and, using pull printing enables documents to be printed securely even on shared printers. In addition, printers from different locations and network segments can be shared. ezeep Blue helps you save on energy costs and make your entire printing system more efficient and sustainable.

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