ezeep Takes Coveted Kingswood Media Editors Choice Award

Cloud-based printing platform, ezeep, is beating its rivals to the finishing line this year. The Windows Virtual Desktop printing platform walked away with the Print IT Reseller Magazine’s coveted Editors Choice Award. ezeep lets you manage your printers from the cloud, delivering simple, flexible, rapid control, and all without any installation lag.

Print IT Reseller is published by Kingswood Media, the UK’s premier business-to-business technology magazine. It celebrates innovations across the globe for driving the business world towards a more advanced future. The magazine has one elegant goal – to shine a light on IT startups, technologies, and concepts affecting the white-collar space. Its team of UK-based specialist editors have been covering the SME workplace since 1998, so they’ve developed a nose for technologies that will revolutionise the IT industry, particularly those involved in channel reselling and business end innovations. It’s become a trusted resource and has evolved into the leading document and technology magazine for large and medium-sized businesses. It’s the UK’s only Printer/MFP reseller publication, so the larger business world relies on it to sucessfully guide it through this industry.

Article about the Windows Virtual Desktop printing solution ezeep

The workspace of the future comes with the flexibility of the cloud, and it’s ezeep that’s driving the world towards that end. The WVD printing platform joins the ranks of previous Editors Choice winners, M2, OKI Europe, and Print365 – all revolutionary concepts in their own right. Print IT Reseller Magazine described ezeep as “A secure and easy-to-use service that perfectly integrates with Windows Virtual Desktop is essential to enable users to connect local printers with Windows Virtual Desktop, support printing for mobile and home office employees as well as manage print environments and policies.” ezeep integrates with Azure Marketplace and supports Windows Virtual Desktop.

ThinPrint, which is behind ezeep has created a Windows Virtual Desktop printing platform that can connect the world to a secure service from any device and location around the world. ThinPrint’s inclusion in the editors choice awards is no surprise. The brand has 20 years of innovation behind it, so when it acquired ezeep in 2015, it was only a matter of time before the technology lead the native cloud printing industry towards a brighter day.

Windows Virtual Desktop is an Azure-based product that has laid the foundation for a flurry of innovation. ezeep is Microsoft’s selected WVD printing solution – a premium virtualization application that has a resounding impact on day-to-day lives. ThinPrint’s product is the latest superstar of the WVD printing industry. And this is not the first award! ezeep for Windows Virtual Desktop has won the Best of Citrix Synergy Awards 2019 in the New Technology category.