Deploy & Enjoy! How to Plan for Printing in IGEL Projects

Web Session: How to Plan for Printing in IGEL Projects
Watch our webinar recording from the latest IGEL Disrupt Unite Event: Deploy and Enjoy – How to Plan for Printing in IGEL Projects.

Users still require their work to be printed to one of the 650 million printers deployed across the globe. Preferably a printer they want to use. And despite being empowered by WVD to work anywhere in the world on a virtual desktop, the challenge of integrating printers with virtual hardware in virtualized data centers remains frustratingly high.

Using IGEL OS and ezeep is a unique opportunity, however, to “deploy and enjoy” an endpoint with perfect printing. Printing that is consistently available, where and when the user needs it.

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As part of our presence at the IGEL Disrupt Unite event, Henning Volkmer, CEO & President at ThinPrint Inc., discussed EUC printing needs within this web session.

  • Discover how printing can be a simple, secure, and cost-effective service for those who need to use it
  • Understand how printing in the WVD context operates
  • Know what to look out for when printing is part of your project 
  • Learn about ezeep’s integration into IGEL OS
  • See how ezeep can help you move forward with your next WVD project

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