Corporate Sustainability: How To Strengthen Your Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainable Initiatives Business

In today’s world, sustainability might just be the most important issue we face. Companies rightly see it as their social responsibility to contribute to the protection of the environment. And while this is a challenge, sustainability also offers companies many opportunities to reduce costs, use resources more efficiently, drive innovation and, last but not least, to strengthen their brand value.

So where do we start? One area where companies can expand their sustainability approach by turning their gaze towards their printers. By choosing more sustainable printing methods and materials, companies can reduce their environmental footprint.

Our goal at ezeep is to help those companies and organizations which really rely on printing to achieve their sustainability goals too. And let’s not forget those companies that just love to collaborate on paper!

What Makes Print Management Solutions Sustainable?

Print management solutions enable companies to control and monitor print jobs more efficiently. Especially when print management is migrated to the cloud, print management becomes even more sustainable.

Here are our top reasons to switch to a cloud-based solution like ezeep Blue to drive your organisation’s sustainability initiatives further.

1. Save Paper and Toner with Print Later

Features like Print Later allow you to save documents that you need on paper in a virtual queue first. This is useful if, for example, you are not near your preferred printer and need the document later. If you don’t need the document later, the paper won’t remain unused in the printer. Read more about how Print Later works with ezeep here.

2. Share More Printers Between Colleagues and Departments

Fewer printers equal reduced energy consumption, easier management and lower hardware costs. But what about departments which usually need their own printer due to security risks, like HR and accounting? Cloud printing solutions like ezeep have a solution for this: user-based authentication at shared printers (pull printing). Find out why pull printing is the safest way to print documents in a privacy-compliant way in our blogpost.

3. Extend the Life of Your Existing Printers

Maintenance and care of your printers increases their lifespan. But what if your printer doesn’t support new technologies, especially cloud printing, or the manufacturer no longer offers support or firmware? Thanks to ezeep, these aren’t reasons to throw out your working printers. Find out here how to make your old printer fit for new technologies and do something good for the environment.

4. Together We Are More Sustainable!

We are also aware of our social responsibility at ezeep and have been working for while to make climate-neutral printing possible for our customers. On the one hand, we do this by working on innovative functions that make the entire printing process more sustainable. But did you know that we also offset the CO2 produced by every printout out you make with ezeep? Learn more about our sustainability initiatives and how to take part here.

Here Are Some Other Tips for More Sustainability

By choosing a solution like ezeep, you are already doing a lot to promote sustainability in your company. But you can also do a lot yourself to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, with or without a print management solution. Here are a few tips:

Using recycled paper is an important step to reduce waste and conserve resources. Recycled paper saves resources such as energy and water that are needed to produce paper from virgin fibres. And in the meantime, the difference to paper made from virgin fibres is hardly visible. If you really want to go the extra mile in your organisation, consider also using new paper alternatives made of sugarcane and stone. We took an in-depth look at sugarcane and stone paper in our blog.

Of course, it is also smart to train employees on how they can reduce their paper consumption if you have the feeling that too many thoughtless pages are being printed.

Another topic is the use of inkjet printers. They have many advantages over other types of printers. They can produce high quality colour prints and are usually more cost efficient than laser printers. In terms of environmental friendliness, inkjet printers are also superior to laser printers because they use less energy and the consumables (inks) are easier to recycle. They also produce less waste and tend to last longer.

Phew! To Summarize…

Businesses can easily extend their sustainability initiatives by picking an equally-minded print management provider. By choosing a cloud printing solution like ezeep, you’ll have all kinds of tools at your disposal to transform printing across your entire organization. Why not get started with ezeep Blue today? It’s free, after all!

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