Nashville Without You? Here’s Our Igel Disrupt Review

IGEL Disrupt in Nashville

Over the last two weeks the ThinPrint teams were sent out to join the EUC community in Nashville, Tennessee and Munich, Germany to join Edge-OS provider Igel’s Disrupt events.

ThinPrint and IGEL have closely collaborated in the EUC space for decades and the fast-growing events are a great occasion for the community to come together.

With Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) arousing curiosity all around, the “Cloud Workspaces Forum of the Year” offered extensive workshops by Christiaan Brinkhoff and Jim Moyle focusing on the topic and its ecosystem. This ecosystem includes ThinPrint with its ezeep for Azure solution & IGEL partners CloudJumper, Liquidware, Lakeside Software and ControlUp who also presented their value-add solutions. Industry celebrities like Jack and Brian Madden were in Nashville too and Scott Manchester, driving force behind Windows Virtual Desktop, laid out the vision and roadmap for one of Microsoft’s most powerful cloud offerings.

The IGEL Disrupt in Nashville culminated in an awards ceremony and celebration at the iconic Grand Ole Oprey and the Munich event even included a sighting of Bayern Munich soccer players on their way to a game. Both events offered plenty of opportunity to venture out and have fun with old friends as well as making new contacts after the official events concluded.

Speakers at IGEL Disrupt
Great speakers, great event!

IGEL has done a great job building the IGEL Disrupt events over the past couple of years and the ThinPrint team has been really excited to be part of them. Disrupt 2021 is due to take place once again in Nashville and Munich in January and February next year.