Invitation-Free User Onboarding

Automatic Account Creation for Google Workspace Users 

Managing Google Workspace users just got easier with our new invitation-free User Onboarding feature. When Google Directory users sign up, ezeep Blue receives an authenticated email address and searches for any preregistered email domains in our system. ezeep then automatically creates the user account, if necessary, and places them in the correct organization.

There is no need for IT to invite users or deal with time-consuming Google Directory integration approvals and reviews. Users can start printing as soon as they are ready and without relying on IT to set up their access in time. Combined with My Printers, another new feature recently released, the User Onboarding feature, enables users to manage their printing themselves. 

IT admins provide the ezeep service team with their email domains, which we verify and add to the organization. User rollout can then be immediate without any further effort on the part of IT.

We expect that busy enterprises and schools will appreciate this fast and easy onboarding solution for Google Workspaces. And it is perfect for managed service providers who are looking for easier deployment with their Workspace clients.

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