Printing as a Service for Managed Service Providers

With ezeep, managed service providers, system houses, and IT consulting firms offering managed services can expand their portfolio and provide their customers with flexible and easy-to-use cloud printing as a service.

Managed service providers (MSPs) rely on cloud technology to host their customers’ IT systems. So, it’s a natural evolution to offer printing as a cloud service as well. ezeep integrates seamlessly into any managed services portfolio – whether offering DaaS (Desktop as a Service) or SaaS (Software as a Service). The intuitive and scalable cloud printing solution makes it easy for any MSP to respond flexibly to evolving customer requirements. ezeep as a printing service ensures that users print from anywhere and anytime. Whether from their PC in the office, at home, or via any of their mobile devices.

Thanks to multi-tenancy, managed service providers easily manage their customers' ezeep organizations.

Thanks to multi-tenancy, managed service providers easily access and manage their customers’ ezeep organizations.

ezeep Makes it Easy for You to Deliver the Best-in-Class Printing Service to Your Customers


  • The fully cloud-based print solution reduces print-related administrative overhead

    ezeep takes care of everything that used to make printing so complicated. All print rendering takes place in the cloud. And with cloud rendering, neither the MSP nor the customer needs to worry about the highly time-consuming installation and management of printer drivers. By eliminating print servers, ezeep also eliminates all the complex administration and maintenance tasks.

  • A stable and scalable print service in an instant

    In the clearly laid out, web-based ezeep portal, you can conveniently manage your customers’ ezeep organizations and always have an instant overview of their print environments. Users are easily invited via email or imported from Azure AD. Then printers are assigned to the user groups. Alternatively, users can select their own printers in the user portal. ezeep can be flexibly scaled and provides any number of users with a highly intuitive printing solution.

  • The most convenient printing offer for any cloud computing service and any use case

    With ezeep, you enable your customers to print smoothly in all IT environments – whether users want to print at headquarters or in branch and home offices. With DaaS, a virtual printer driver ensures seamless integration of ezeep into virtual desktops. And SaaS offerings are conveniently upgraded with our printing solution by integrating the ezeep Blue API into the deployed software. Also, a variety of print scenarios and customizable workflows are easily realized with ezeep’s Zapier integration. ezeep as a print service replaces awkward printing via PDF download and also enables the seamless use of zero clients.

  • Your customers can look forward to satisfied, productive users

    ezeep has simplified printing for administrators and users alike and results in drastically reduced print-related helpdesk calls. Users simply print from any device, whether they’re using iPads, Android smartphones, Windows laptops, Chromebooks and coming soon, Macs. Thanks to print job streaming and unique compression algorithms, users get their printouts instantly. They can also download ezeep Blue print apps from the User Portal and easily select their printers.

  • ezeep is a multi-tenant and fully secure cloud printing solution

    Thanks to ezeep’s multi-tenant support, you can manage multiple tenants (i.e., customers) with completely separate configurations. Managing tenants takes place centrally in the intuitive ezeep console, making switching between tenants extremely easy. ezeep guarantees GDPR-compliant printing, with all print jobs transmitted via state-of-the-art encryption.

  • Your customers are free to use all their printers for cloud printing

    ezeep supports all printer models, even special devices such as label printers, thanks to native printing support. ezeep’s extensive Cloud Driver Store, which currently includes around 6000 printer drivers, is constantly being expanded. And should a driver not be available, it can simply be requested.

  • ezeep delivers printing at fair prices

    You can offer printing as a cloud service instead of dealing with high costs for maintenance-intensive print servers. Additionally, the cloud printing solution reduces the need for remote support on customers’ devices. ezeep is licensed on a per-user basis and billed at fair prices.

  • Connect remote offices easily with the ezeep Hub

    Thanks to ezeep, no IT expertise is required even in remote branch offices. A small, cost-effective, and fully maintenance-free print appliance replaces local print servers. Your customers simply connect the ezeep Hub into their network. The device automatically detects all printers on site. After the ezeep Hub is assigned to the corresponding ezeep organization, it connects the printers at that branch office to the cloud.


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