Is 2019 Microsoft’s Year of the Modern Desktop?

Modern Desktop from the cloud

It’s time to consider how you too can make the most out of Microsoft’s move to the cloud.

Microsoft has placed its Modern Desktop approach as being secure, productive and of course, cost-effective. And with the continuing Microsoft Ignite tour, its Modern Desktop is being introduced to a global audience. When it comes to tech, change is inevitable but the upside it that there is usually an opportunity on the horizon to take a detailed look at your organization’s overall approach and a chance to deliver far better experiences for all stakeholders.

With the shift to Modern Desktop with Microsoft 365, now would be the best time to make your own Microsoft Modern Desktop assessment. Many businesses are already underway and moving to Windows 10 and Office 365. The advantages in relation to improved security and productivity are pretty clear. Office 365 for example has a number of built-in security features like Message Encryption and Data Loss Prevention meaning you are in line with compliance requirements in a range of areas, including GDPR.

Brad Anderson, Vice President for Microsoft 365 recently listed the three top resources you can use to assist in making a move to Microsoft’s Modern Desktop. These include a tool for application compatibility which is now available globally, an Office customization tool to make a trouble-free transition to Office 365 ProPlus and also a co-management approach to things like Configuration Manager and Active Directory.

You can also take a look at Microsoft’s Modern Desktop deployment center which lists an even greater number of steps and tools at your disposal. And to make sure your printing infrastructure keeps place, now is also the time to look at creating a modern printing environment where print servers can be eliminated. Not only would you end up saving an enormous amount of work on printer driver management alone, you will also benefit from having a far more agile print setup. ezeep is on hand to show you how that transition can also be a smooth and easy process.