Microsoft Azure: What Is App Attach? Find Out More…

With the announcement on September 30, 2019 that Azure Virtual Desktop is globally available, Microsoft executives Scott Manchester and Jeremy Chapman also spoke about some other interesting items. Something that caught everybody’s attention was App Attach.

With App Attach, Microsoft separates user profiles, apps and the operating system.
A screengrab from the Microsoft Mechanics’ YouTube video showing Microsoft’s separation of user profiles, apps and the operating system.

Microsoft has designed the App Attach technology especially for AVD. Essentially, App Attach enables applications to be stored outside a virtual machine. This means that each application can attach itself as and when users need it. App Attach helps keep the image clean, something that Microsoft has been working hard on, for example with FSLogix for profiles, OneDrive for file shares or ezeep for printing.

Scott Manchester said that App Attach is a technology that’s designed to be used with the Azure Virtual Desktop solution and mentioned that it avoids a number of common problems encountered with other VDI approaches.

App Attach really is a step forward when it comes to traditional application layering and streaming. Microsoft no doubt has created App Attach as an essential part of their overall strategy of enhanced flexibility through the separation of user data, applications and the operating system.

Another important way of keeping the environment flexible is by using ezeep, Microsoft’s selected printing solution for Azure Virtual Desktop. The Azure-based printing solution was created together with Microsoft to ensure simple and secure printing in all Azure Virtual Desktop environments. All printers, including network printers, essentially become remote printers with Azure Virtual Desktop running on Azure. As the desktop operating system is no longer dependent on a typical desktop device, you can use Windows on any kind of device such as smartphones, tablets, Macs and Chromebooks, or simply start your session from any web browser.

ezeep also leverages App Attach technology allowing it to deliver enterprise-grade, reliable, fast, and easy-to-use printing experiences – and without compromising either user or IT flexibility. Get started with ezeep now and create you free account to leverage our powerful print management solution.

App Attach will definitely play a big part in how Azure will be evolving in the coming years to be the key driver for virtualization. For certain it’s an interesting time in the world of virtualization. If you have any questions on virtualization, AVD, App Attach or printing, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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