Mobile POS Terminal Printing: How To Integrate Your Printers

Retailers are changing the way they equip themselves with point of sales terminals. We explore how the rise is taking place as well as the challenges involved with printing from a mobile POS terminal.

Mobile POS terminal printing: Integrating printers offers an enhanced customer experience.
Mobile POS terminal printing: Integrating printers offers an enhanced customer experience yet is not often easy. Image from piqsels.

According to a recent Mordor Intelligence report, the European POS terminal market alone is growing strongly. It is due to double from 10.25 million units shipping per year to 22.10 million units in 2026. And mobile POS terminals have evolved from purely transaction-focused technology. Now, businesses have integrated mobile POS terminals into their other IT systems, CRMs for example.

Mobile payment terminals also open up new opportunities for retailers to interact with customers. Employees can carry them on the sales floor, for example, increasing the time available for customers.

Yet, for many retailers and customers, a printed document is essential. Employees often need to print when large or valuable items are collected by the customer from a separate location in the store or are dispatched directly for home delivery. Yet how can modern POS terminal solutions print?

POS Terminal Printing In Action

As an example, one ezeep Blue customer, an electronics retail chain, wanted to replace its PCs in its 70+ stores with tablets. Employees used the store’s own Wi-Fi network plus a range of cloud applications for their day-to-day work. Yet they have no connection to the internal corporate network for security reasons, with just a connection to their local Wi-Fi network available.

To print, the company initially thought it would use Wi-Fi printers. But it could not manage these printers from headquarters, and it would be expensive to replace all existing printers. It turned out far less complicated for both employees and customers alike though. Now, employees enter customer details directly via tablets, and contracts and other documents are printed instantly. Employees no longer have to wait for a free PC workstation as before. Read more about this use case, including how the company assigns the right printers to the right employees, here.

Mobile Payment Terminal Printing Options

ezeep Blue offers a very simple way to enable printing for POS terminals. You can simply link ezeep Blue to your POS app via Zapier and automatically print contracts, delivery documents, etc. when certain conditions are met. With Square or PayPal for example. You can see a full list of payment apps that integrate with ezeep Blue here.

For POS terminal providers, you can integrate ezeep Blue directly into your solution and add mobile payment terminal printing. You easily enhance your payment app or service with the ezeep Blue API and provide your customers with a seamless print experience. For more information see our developer site.