ezeep Blue – Now Integrated in Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Integration Mac
Pabbly – view which apps you can connect with Pabbly on their website.

ezeep Blue now integrates with the automation software Pabbly Connect. Just like our integration in Zapier, Pabbly allows you to connect ezeep Blue with more than 800 other applications and services without further installation to accelerate and automate your printing workflows.

Whether you want to print out shipping labels automatically for new e-commerce orders or print out specific emails upon arrival, Pabbly and Zapier are perfect for the job. You just need to select the apps you wish to connect and a trigger which should initiate the printing process.

Interested on how to get started? Learn how to use ezeep Blue with Pabbly by visiting our Knowledge Base or by reaching out to a member of our support team.