Build Print Automations in the ezeep Blue Admin Portal

print automation in ezeep Blue
The new Automations menu in the ezeep Blue Admin Portal

With our latest feature, we are making it even easier to automate printing in your business workflows. The new Automations section in the ezeep Blue Admin Portal brings the power of print automation to the fingertips of every IT admin, regardless of coding knowledge, by seamlessly integrating with Zapier, the renowned no-code automation tool.

Advantages of the New Automation Menu

  1. Efficiency and Time-Saving: Creating print automations becomes a breeze. Admins can swiftly build, manage, and deploy workflows which trigger printing with ezeep Blue and Zapier, who released a study in 2021 sharing their results on how much time workers can save with automation workflows.
  2. View Existing Templates for Print Automation: If you are in need of a little inspiration the automation section also shows pre-configured templates which you can try out, all based on common print scenarios.
  3. Streamlined Workflow: If you are already automating printing with Zapier, now you can reduce the time spent switching between tools and view active workflows while logged in to ezeep Blue.

Why Use Zapier?

Not using ezeep and Zapier already? The beauty of the combination of ezeep Blue and Zapier is that both tools are easy to use and print automations don’t require any coding. IT professionals looking to automate their tasks can jump right in. Using ezeep and Zapier is also now possible in every ezeep Blue plan.

  • Simplicity: With the drag-and-drop interface, Zapier allows users to connect ezeep Blue with thousands of apps, creating automated workflows within minutes.
  • Speed: The absence of coding ensures that automation processes can be set up in a fraction of the time it would typically take over the ezeep Blue API.
  • Efficiency: IT professionals can now focus on more complex, value-added tasks, leaving routine print jobs to the reliable hands of automation.

What Are Some Common Use Cases for Print Automation?

  • Automating the printing of emails and attachments helps this catering company in New Zealand more efficiently plan their next event. View the case study »
  • An accounting firm is saving time through automated report printing thanks to ezeep Blue. View the case study »
  • healthcare company automates their prescription printing with Zapier and ezeep Blue, improving its work processes and increasing customer satisfactionView the case study »

Give Print Automation a Go Today!

ezeep Blue now offers a streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly automation solution that’s perfect for the modern IT professional.

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