Printing from Zebra Mobile Computers with ezeep Blue

In many industries, mobile data capture is crucial for smooth and fast workflows. Zebra Technologies has long recognized this. For mobile data capture, the company has launched several high-quality Zebra handheld computers: These include the Zebra devices TC21, TC52AX, TC58, TC77, and the ET40 tablet.

Zebra tablet ET 40
Zebra rugged tablet ET40 with data capture: ideal for employees who need a larger display

What makes Zebra Handheld Computers special?

Zebra mobile computers are known for their durability, reliability, and user-friendliness. Some offer advanced barcode scanning capabilities. Additionally, Zebra handheld computers have durable construction and intuitive user interfaces, making them ideal for use in demanding environments. These devices not only support the efficiency of work processes but also improve data accuracy – an indispensable component in any modern enterprise operation. Moreover, Zebra tablets can be specifically configured for certain industry requirements, including special apps and accessories developed for specific tasks. They also come with enhanced security features and management options, making them ideal for corporate environments where device management and data integrity are critical.

Different Zebra Handheld Computers

TC21 and TC52AX: Ideal for retail and smaller logistics operations, offer good scanning performance and are user-friendly.

TC58: This Zebra handheld computer offers advanced features that make it suitable for more demanding applications in logistics and field service.

TC77: Especially robust and thus suitable for extreme environments such as construction sites or large industrial facilities.

ET40 Tablet: This Zebra mobile computer is versatile and ideal for employees who need a larger display to work with more complex applications and data.

Zebra MDE device
The ezeep Blue print app running on a Zebra mobile computer

In extensive tests, these Zebra mobile computers were validated in conjunction with ezeep Blue. At many points where data must be captured mobile, they must subsequently be printed on paper on common office printers or on label printers, e.g., from Zebra. This ensures a seamless workflow. Zebra tablets and ezeep Blue are an unbeatable combination in workplaces where data is captured mobile and then printed, thereby increasing the speed and accuracy of workflows and thus productivity.

Application Scenarios for Zebra Handheld Computers and ezeep Blue

Logistics and Warehouse: Time is a crucial factor in warehouse and logistics centers. Employees equipped with Zebra handheld scanners can print delivery notes, labels, and inventory lists directly on site. Data is retrieved or edited in the enterprise resource systems. When printing is initiated via ezeep Blue, the print data is sent from the cloud to the office or label printers and printed out. This speeds up processes such as goods receipt control and inventory.

Retail: In retail, Zebra mobile computers improve the efficiency of employees on the sales floor. Price changes, offers, or customer receipts can be generated or retrieved from the central system and immediately printed via ezeep Blue, leading to faster sales closures and smoother customer service, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Healthcare: In hospitals and healthcare facilities, the accuracy of information is vital. Usually, data is centrally managed and retrieved in a hospital information system. Printing patient information and labels for medications from ezeep Blue directly at the point of care minimizes errors and improves patient care.

Construction: Zebra tablets are also used in the construction industry, for example, when accessing plans and other documents. Construction workers can access building plans, technical drawings, and other important documents via Zebra handhelds. With ezeep Blue, these documents can be printed on site.

Benefits of Integrating Zebra Mobile Computers and ezeep Blue

Efficiency Increase: The direct connection between data capture or data access and printing function eliminates manual data entries and reduces errors.

Mobility: Employees can capture data and print documents anywhere within their work environment, saving time and increasing mobility.

Scalability: Zebra devices and ezeep Blue can be easily scaled to keep pace with the growing demands of your business.

How to Add Zebra Printers and Office Printers to Zebra Handheld Computers

ezeep Blue is also validated for mobile Zebra printers ZD420, ZQ521, ZD621, ZQ320, ZD621R, ZT411, and ZT230, ZQ320, ZQ520, and ZQ610. Essentially, ezeep supports every Zebra printer. Here, extensive tests have verified and certified a seamless printing experience. Zebra customers who rely on ezeep Blue for printing can thus rely on a work environment without disruptions in the workflows – from data capture to format-accurate printout.


The combination of Zebra mobile handhelds and ezeep Blue offers a powerful solution for companies looking to increase their efficiency while ensuring the accuracy of data processing. Whether in logistics, retail, healthcare, or the construction industry – these technologies enable an effective response to the challenges of the modern working world. Discover the possibilities that Zebra tablets in conjunction with ezeep Blue can open up for your company.