Healthcare Printing: Indispensable Solutions for Modern Medical Services

Despite the increasingly digital world, printing in the healthcare sector remains an important part of providing high-quality care to patients.

ezeep printing in healthcare
Printing is still an essential part of everyday work in healthcare.

Why Document Printing is Indispensable in the Healthcare Sector

Over 40% of patients in German hospitals are over 65 years old. For older patients or people with disabilities, it is particularly important to be able to print in healthcare because paper documents are easier to read and understand than electronic files. Printed documents, such as consent forms or educational materials, can make it easier for patients to make decisions about their treatment.

Another reason why printing is important in healthcare is that physical files are shared by multiple staff members. In the hectic world of healthcare, it is vital to be able to access patient information quickly to make treatment decisions. Printed medical records or lab results can also be easily shared and in some instances, printed documents are required by law. For example, patient consent forms and medical records must be properly documented and retained, and in many cases, such requires a physical copy.

Challenges of Printing in Healthcare: Cost, Efficiency, and Data Security

Printing costs can be a struggle for many facilities as large volumes of documents typically need to be printed. Documents such as treatment plans and lab results often need to be printed as multiple copies to be used by different parties. This requires a large amount of paper and ink, which can lead to high printing costs. It is also difficult to keep track of printing costs as they are incurred in different departments and units.

Security of patient data is also a major concern and can create challenges when printing documents. Printed documents, such as medical records, often contain confidential information that must be handled in a privacy-compliant manner. If such documents are printed and subsequently not properly secured, it can result in data compromise. To overcome these challenges, healthcare organizations must take steps such as implementing access controls and utilizing secure printers and recycle bins.

How ezeep optimizes Healthcare Printing

Printing in healthcare is important and can be improved through print innovation. It’s not necessary to go completely digital with records, but it makes sense to continue using printed documents in healthcare settings.

A professional printing solution like ezeep Blue can help healthcare organizations reduce printing costs by improving printer efficiency and utilization. With ezeep Blue, healthcare facilities can manage multiple printers, which avoids overloading individual printers and reduces wait times for patients and staff. In addition, ezeep Blue provides the ability to cancel or pause print jobs, which can help reduce paper and ink costs.

Pull printing provides additional security for patient data by preventing confidential documents from being accidentally printed by an unauthorized person. The ezeep Hub also allows multiple printers to be managed through a single cloud-based system, replacing expensive print servers. Furthermore, processes can be further optimized through advanced user management and print statistics.

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