Having Problems Printing From Windows Virtual Desktops? ezeep Has the Solution

In light of the upcoming release of Windows Virtual Desktop, IT-admins will have to face new printing challenges. ezeep CEO Christoph Hammer is at hand to help and explains in this video how to setup printing for Windows Virtual Desktops.

Christoph Hammer explains the easiest way to solve Windows Virtual Desktop printing problems

Dynamic, heterogenic printing environments are a certainly a headache. It is not uncommon for companies to have multiple devices connected to the network that are running diverse operating systems such as iOS, Android or Windows.

The complexity often doesn’t stop there: add Chromebooks, macOS and the various options of Linux to the mix and the simple act of printing swiftly involves a lot of overhead, support and resources.

Our solution is the ezeep Hub. It’s the easiest way to get around all of these problems.

ezeep hub
This sleek device makes printing in virtual environments simple

By not having the print data actually go through each iPhone, Tablet, Mac or desktop, companies move the rendering process for printing to a cloud service, like ezeep, and deliver the print job to the network through the ezeep Hub.

Once you place this sleek device in a network, the appliance scans the network for the printers that are available and reports these printers back to ezeep.

On the cloud service side, the administrator sees these printers and just assigns the user group to them. And that’s all they have to do.

Admins are freed up from compatibility issues and can therefore leverage the ezeep toolset to get even more out of printing processes. For example, printers can be assigned with certain policies so that color usage is restricted to some users, while others enforce duplex.

What’s the result for Windows Virtual Desktop end users on Azure? Well, they experience seamless printing and see their printers on their session desktop like normal. Once they hit print the print job gets rendered by ezeep in the cloud, sent directly to the ezeep Hub and voilà: the most convenient and easiest way to provide printing for a distributed workforce.

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