Smart Working for Hotels – A New Market?

Smart working for hotels is a significant new trend in the hospitality industry. The rapid growth of smart-working was made necessary due to the spread of the COVID – 19 pandemic. This has forced so many workers to stay at home to do their jobs. These are, in most cases, what would have previously been known as office jobs. 

Smart working for hotels is a significant new trend in the hospitality industry
Smart working for hotels is in current times, a lucrative growth opportunity. Image by Pxhere.

From last spring, even workers not used to carry out their duties in a smart way, have had to readjust to different and not always convenient working conditions. Working from home is not always an ideal solution. It often produces alienation and isolation and, just as frequently, not everyone has technological tools to perform at their best. For example, internet connectivity is not always optimal, stable, and secure at home; or the absence of particularly important tools such as printers or scanners could result in a bothersome workday.

How Hotels Can Expand Their Smart Working Offer?

For this reason, many hotels and accommodation facilities are beginning to offer equipped rooms with special rates. Using the “day use” formula, it’s possible to rent a room as an all-inclusive office. This allows you to focus on your work and boost your productivity.

Best Western, the well-known hotel chain, has already introduced the “Smart working Room” in Italy. They offer a room dedicated exclusively to smart workers with a high-speed internet connection, a comfortable desk, coffee corner, printer.

The German hotel booking portal HRS has also introduced MeWork. This service helps those who need suitable spaces to work in the search for hotels that can accommodate them., a platform that lists hotels that offer day-use mode, has introduced a smart-working filter. Again this helps to easily identify what is available for agile workers. 

Embrace the change

Working, securely and smartly, from a hotel seems to be the future of the hospitality industry. We can help you embrace this change and make your hotel ready to fulfill the needs of smart workers. With ezeep, you can monitor the whole printing process and decide, for example, whether to offer some free copies for your guests. Or to have them paid conveniently online. Simply contact us to find out more, or visit us at